Last month we were honored to open our first training center in Mexico. At the end of last year a Mexican Baptist association and their pastors showed interest in our pastoral training initiative. We began to pray that the Lord would provide a time slot for our national team to travel to Mexico every month and provide these pastors with theological education.

After much prayer and planning, we set our eyes on the same days of the same week every month. This would be the only way, without running our team to death, that we could provide the training. We scheduled a meeting in Mexico, met the pastors, shared the vision and purpose of our ministry, and gave them our only dates. With little hesitation and with much gratitude they confirmed the dates with us.

We are thrilled to have begun a new training center for these Mexican pastors. We are also thrilled to see that God is wanting to use our ministry in various nations. This is our mission, for God has called His people to make disciples of all nations and teach them everything that He has commanded.

We are blessed to have 40 pastors in this training center while at the same time we have our sights on a second possible training center in Mexico that would have 60 pastors. This would allow us to provide theological education to this association’s entire network of pastors and leaders at a very low cost, $160 per pastor. We believe that the Lord will provide resources for the preparation of this association’s pastors. Join us in this call to provide theological education by training or giving financially to pastors in southern Mexico.