Our Mission

Pastoral training is an important aspect of Chosen People. We come alongside local churches and assist them in training their pastors. We seek to use the expertise of pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and seminary professors and students in providing theological education to pastors worldwide.

Chosen People uses its own curriculum in equipping pastors. Our curriculum provides pastors with a foundational theological education. Our pastoral training initiative provides every pastor with a Study Bible, Bible Dictionary, course notes, and a theological resource that compliments each one of our eight courses.

New Training Centers

Our goal is to open six new training centers that will provide theological education to some 150 pastors and church leaders by year’s end. The majority of these training centers can be found throughout Guatemala; however, we have the opportunity to continue expanding this initiative in Southern Mexico.

  1. Chiapas, Mexico
  2. Macadamias Cerro Gordo, Zone 21, Guatemala City
  3. Patzún, Chimaltenango
  4. Chiquimula
  5. Tajamulco, San Marcos
  6. Sibanal, San Marcos

Pastoral Training: An Urgent Task

We, along with others, consider the work of pastoral training a high priority for global ministry strategy. Join us in our efforts to provide sound biblical and theological training to these churches in culturally appropriate ways. Many missions agencies have considered Guatemala “reached” for some time, and they have redirected their resources and missionaries elsewhere.

Indeed, the gospel of King Jesus has taken root in much of Guatemala, and there are good things happening among evangelical Christians. Yet, there are areas of Guatemala that have few healthy evangelical churches. Conservatively, one out of every five churches can be considered healthy and rightly dividing the word of God.

Still, these areas offer little in the area of pastoral preparation and theological education. Globally, there are more than 2.2 million pastoral leaders. Of these only 5% are trained for pastoral ministry according to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. Considering the growth of the global church, are work, therefore, is more urgent than ever before.

Our prayer is that Chosen People might have a role in strengthening the church of Guatemala, so that the gospel of King Jesus would go forth and His kingdom would advance. We believe that the health of a pastor affects the health of the church which in turn affects the health of a community, thus the important and vital task of training pastors.

Partner With Us Financially

It will take $23,040 to provide God’s church, His chosen people, with equipped pastors in these six areas listed above. Would you consider partnering with us financially to provide theological education to pastors in Central Mexico?

There are two ways for you to partner with us financially: giving online and giving via mail.

The most efficient way for us to receive your financial gift is through online giving.

If you wish to mail a financial gift then please mail your check to:

Chosen People International, c/o Jan Popplewell, 107 Mourningdove Way, Dothan, AL 36303

We continue to give praise to the Lord for the great things He is doing for His name’s sake and glory. We are humbled to be apart of this work of pastoral training throughout Central America. Join us in this urgent task of pastoral training.