It was a month ago that the Bradys, a missionary couple from Chosen People, met with David and Lindsey Owens. The Owens have been doing community development alongside discipleship ministries for the past few years in Guatemala. Due to Chosen People’s interest in community development, the Bradys approached the Owens. This initial conversation led to a most wonderful blessing for Chosen People.

A few months ago the Owens transitioned away from the boys academy where their principal task was to disciple these young men in the ways of Christ. One day over lunch David was telling me that he had never really waited on God. Other ministry opportunities came before them soon after their transition away from the boys academy.

It was during this season of their lives that David learned to wait on the Lord. David says of this fruitful and prosperous time, “I wanted to make sure that my love relationship with God was as healthy as possible. Since then, I’ve been seeking the Lord and intentionally waiting on Him to reveal where He is already at work and what He’ll have me do next. It’s been a very sweet time for me, and I realize now, in hindsight, that it was much needed.”

The Lord, in his unfailing love and faithfulness, responded to David with an opportunity that has hasn’t ceased to excite him. He will be joining Chosen People in their mission of providing pastoral preparation and theological education to pastors in Central America.

Recently we learned that globally, there are more than 2.2 million pastoral leaders, and of these only 5% are trained for ministry. There are a few seminaries, but most are too expensive for the local pastors to afford. David says that Chosen People’s pastoral training initiative and its curriculum “addresses this issue directly through group instruction and individual discipleship,” thus equipping local pastors to “make disciples through sound theology and doctrine.”

Over the next few months David will be preparing to deliver these trainings. We pray that by January 1, 2017 he will be ready to carry on this work of training pastors in the entirety of our curriculum throughout Central America.

“God has been so faithful to direct my steps as he has closed one chapter in my life to begin another,” David states, “We are humbled to be a part of Chosen People and all that they do. And we are ecstatic to watch as the Lord continues to reveal his plans for our family and our ministry. I can’t wait to join Him in this incredible work!”

Chosen People has truly been blessed to have the Owens join us in the work of training pastors. You can hear receive updates from David and Lindsey’s ministry by following their blog, Owens in Guatemala.