We are beyond grateful for all that God has allowed us to achieve up until now and with three months until the end of the year, our work isn’t even done yet!

We are so thankful for the exponential growth that we’ve seen in each one of our ministries. One of the most amazing things to see are answered prayers and we’ve seen many answers this year for new strategies and new opportunities to serve people. we know that everything we have planned for the rest of the year is ultimately up to God, but we are confident in his goodness and faithfulness to supply all of our physical, financial and spiritual needs. Therefore, we want to thank God and you who have been supporting us in prayer and financially ever step of the way. without you, the work Chosen People is doing day-in and day-out wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for choosing to partner with us.

Some ministry highlights…

This year for our Pastoral Training ministry has been a year that was marked by progress. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on our curriculum, reference manuals and other documents that will help us reach our ministry goals.

  1. Five training enters have held graduations from Pastoral Training program this year. These five centers translate in 92 pastoral leaders who are more fully theologically equipped to teach and instruct the Church in their own communities.
  2. This year we welcomed Mario and Pablo to our trainer’s team. They went through the rigorous process of learning our curriculum and we’re thankful to have them on board.
  3. We have been prospecting new training centers for the 2019 year which is starting to expand into other countries. We went to Honduras to present information to future Pastoral Training students.
  4. Jhon (Academic Coordinator of Pastoral Training) and Brett (President) have been traveling to Mexico to make connections and share Chosen People’s vision and mission internationally.

Finally, we want to congratulate the whole team on their dedication to teaching local church leaders. A special thank you to Ramiro (trainer) for the 2nd. group of Mexican pastoral leaders who graduated from the Pastoral Training program. This effort was marked by 18 months of eight hour drives on two-lane roads.

Join us in prayer for:

  1. The new training centers in 2019.
  2. For the safety of the Pastoral Training team while they’re traveling.
  3. For God’s Word to be faithfully preached and wholly understood by the trainers and students.
  4. For financial and prayer support to keep working on our initiative to train and equip pastors.