AguaGuate’s goal is a ministry that works in synchronization with the Church Partnerships and Pastoral Training ministries. Chosen makes a point of being intentional in everything that we do, meeting not just spiritual needs but physical needs as well. Something as simple as water might not seem like a groundbreaking initiative, but it is a huge step towards ending the vicious cycle of sickness and poverty in remote villages. We meet the physical needs of a community so that, when the time comes, they’ll trust us to meet their spiritual needs as well.


To see the rural communities of Guatemala transformed in their health, development, quality of life, and spiritual vitality.


Eliminate water borne sicknesses that are one of the root causes of poverty by providing clean, potable water.


Provide fresh water to villages throughout Guatemala as a starting point for long-term ministry.

Serve rural communities that are largely unreached by the government and other NGO’s.

Provide greater access to potable water at a price that is feasible for the local communities.


We use a sophisticated hydro-drilling technology that will easily bore a hole up to 50 meters deep to reach clean groundwater. While we use industrial equipment, it is still small enough to be towed over dirt roads to distant locations that have been overlooked. If there is water to be found, we can drill for it.


AguaGuate is both a professional well drilling company and a ministry to local communities. Our capacity to provide clean water to Guatemalans is driven entirely by those churches and individuals who support these efforts. As we like to say, your donation goes directly to help filling someone else’s cup with clean water that is amoeba and parasite-free. Please consider joining Chosen People’s ministry efforts both financially and prayerfully to help us serve the rural communities of Guatemala.

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