The AguaGuate crew has been doing an amazing job working around the clock. We are so close to our goal of drilling 24 wells during 2018 and want to recognize the hard work of our crew! They have been busy leading, coordinating and working in the field to bring clean water to communities who are in need.

We’re happy to report that…

  1. The 20th well has just been finished! 300+ Guatemalan families will now be able to enjoy access to clean drinking water to cook, wash, clean and drink.
  2. The crew keeps growing in number and ability to drill wells.
  3. The team’s morale and motivation is high despite sickness and mechanical problems.

An Unlikely Partnership

A well was recently drilled at Salama, C-2 in Retalhuleu (about 6 hours from the City) which has provided clean water to over 200 families. The town is located in a valley and lacks any kind of municipal water source. In fact, the closest water source is a hand pump about a mile-and-a-half outside of the community.

Though many of the families have a hand-dug well, they end up flooding during the rainy season which can lead to severe illnesses. Unfortunately, this year was no different with many villagers contracting typhoid fever and dysentery, most of whom were children. All six members of the AguaGuate team also got typhoid but thankfully received treatment and are recovering well.

The only space available in this community was at a Catholic Church. While our theological differences are evident, we are united with a desire to help communities. During our time drilling at the Catholic Church, we were able to take advantage of the opportunity and witness to the priest who serve there. The day we finished drilling, the priest came out and blessed the well and the community of people.

It’s humbling to be part of such a big change in quality of life for the Guatemalan people. We love seeing families with access to clean water and are glad to be able to help these communities to reduce water-borne illnesses. A big shout out to all of those who supported this initiative both financially and in prayer!

Prayer Requests

  • Health and safety of the crew while traveling and working.
  • That the machinery would hold up to the grueling demands of the work and that there would be less down-time due to mechanical failure.
  • For the communities that have worked with and will work with.