Strategic Goals


We participate in God’s mission by strengthening the local church through intentional partnerships with the global church to form gospel-centered disciples that reach their community.


To come alongside the local pastor, church leaders, and the local church to provide resources -spiritual, intellectual, and material- that allow the pastors, church leaders, and the local church to reach their community in ways that otherwise would not be possible.


Church Partnerships program was created as a response to the need of establishing healthy churches in Latin America. We have noticed that, sadly, many foreign churches carry out international missions with little intentionality and absence of  long-term, self-sustaining impact. The local church and its communities have been damaged for generations because of this, combined with the fact that there is a lack of solid proclamation of the gospel and most efforts are not invested in making disciples or working to strengthen churches to be centered on sound doctrine, but in the relief of temporary physical needs. Consequently, there are numerous local churches and communities with a dangerous dependency on international missionary teams.

We firmly believe that the leadership of a community is the local church. In light of this truth, we strive to equip the local pastoral leadership to impact its congregation, so that the body of Christ can later reach their own community creating self-sustaining community outreach. Chosen People functions as a bridge to bring the global church to help mentor, equip, and support the local church for the proclamation of the gospel.

We have created a 5-year plan that adjusts to the specific and unique context of each partnership. This is a unique way of doing missions. It is an intentional task that requires prayer, time, dedication, preparation on both ends, sacrifice, and above all, dependence on God and His grace to shepherd pastors, leaders, wives and families of the local churches. It is a personalized process that requires becoming part of the local church’s life.

We encourage the US church to do short-term mission trips to the local church once or twice a year to learn and understand the context of the church and its community. However, Chosen People maintains a constant communication with the US church regarding the current situation of the local church. Last but not least, we are aware of the material needs that the local church faces on a daily basis, therefore, through this partnership, we also seek to achieve healthy community development that is exclusively executed through the local church. We faithfully believe that the local church has been established by God as embassy of the Kingdom of heaven to shine the light of Christ.

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