A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of drilling a well at an elementary school in San Antonio, Retalhuleu. This school has approximately 100 children. Blanca, the principal of the school, said that at the beginning of the school year they had more children, but many stopped coming because of the lack of water in the school. Some days, the teachers used their own money to buy water for the students, but this water usually has a salty taste. School absences are not uncommon due to a lack of clean water in student’s homes. Most parents are forced to collect water from nearby rivers in the region, and the consumption of this untreated water is the cause of many diarrheal diseases. As a matter of fact, in Guatemala, untreated water leads to acute diarrheal diseases, one of the five causes of national morbidity and mortality.

We thank God for providing safe water that will benefit not only the local school but also the entire community. 350 families are enjoying the benefits of clean water access. As Blanca said, “The school doors are open for all the people in the community to come to get water from the well.” We are glad to know that this well is also strengthening the relationship between the school and the parents. We know that education is essential for the development of a community, and it thrills us greatly now that the children of this school have safe water to enjoy throughout the day.

“The community of San Antonio is grateful for the hard work, dedication, and responsibility of AguaGuate’s crew and all the people who provided for this project. We also thank all the people who are aware of the needs of communities in remote areas of the country. These communities are often forgotten, but God always sends His blessing.” -Blanca

During the drilling time, 85 children and 40 adults received hygiene lessons; and the word of God was presented to 250 people in the community.

As a ministry, we work hard to provide safe water sources to communities in need throughout Guatemala as a starting point for long-term ministry for the glory of God.

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