Impact Generations by Giving Clean Water

This is the smile of a man seeing clean water in his community for the first time.  

We met Don Lucas (Don is Guatemalan for Mr.) during our visit to the La Franja community while their well was being drilled. Don Lucas and other community leaders worked alongside AguaGuate’s crew from start to finish and were eager to see the well complete. 

For 94 years, Don Lucas has lived in La Franja and this was the first time he has seen and enjoyed clean water in his community. Thinking of his family, he said, “even though I won’t be able to enjoy the water of the well for many more years, my children and grandchildren will.”

His community will never be the same. Future generations will now grow up with safe, clean drinking water.

Clean water as a starting point for long-term ministry 

In September, we installed a well at the church Asamblea de Dios (Assembly of God). Pastor Josue faithfully serves the church and community there. He said that he has dreamed of a well in his community and now his dream has become a reality.

Having this source of clean water has allowed the church to serve the families in the surrounding community. People come and get clean water for their families at no cost. Pastor Josue said, “Freely we have received, freely we give.” Having the well has created opportunities for the church to share the gospel and invite the community to church services.

Having access to clean water has impacted both their health and finances. Jokingly, Pastor Josue said, “now doctors have done badly because they no longer have so many patients visiting them for parasites or other stomach ailments.” He told us that the money people used to spend on clean water can now be used to buy food for their families.

The impact made when you Give Clean Water is hard to measure because clean water is essential for all other aspects of life.

Clean Water Impacts Education

Imagine having to break from class in order to find clean water for the thirsty children in your school.t This was a reality for a rural school in Nueva Concepción, Escuintla, one of Guatemala’s hottest places. The school’s director told us that teachers needed to find water with close neighbors when students were thirsty, especially after playing during recess. 350 children attend this primary school and many of them walk several kilometers to get to class. 

By God’s grace, we drilled a well at the school in September of this year. The principal and teachers helped in the drilling process and they considered their efforts to be a gift for each of their students.

Now, with much joy in their and our hearts, we can say that these 350 children are able to enjoy a refreshing glass of clean water when they arrive at school, after recess, and before starting to walk back home. Not only does this well serve the students and school, but it also allows 250 families living nearby to have access to safe, clean water.

This is just one example of how providing access to safe, clean water can impact the lives of an entire community.