Ricardo was skeptical. He had been doing ministry for years, and he had a growing teaching ministry that aired on the local radio station. He had never had any formal training, and as he put it, “I have my Bible and the Holy Spirit. Besides, my ministry is growing, which means God is blessing it.” After praying and being encouraged to attend the pastoral training hosted by Chosen People International, he signed up to be part of the program with his two sons who help him in the ministry. Within the first few weeks, his demeanor in the classes changed from disinterested skepticism to hungrily taking notes. “I had no idea!” he said. “There are so many things that I have been teaching that are wrong.”

Ricardo’s story is not unique. We see it repeated over and over again: men who are doing their best to teach and lead others who are unknowingly teaching misguided doctrine. They desire to serve the Lord and be faithful but are ill-equipped to do so well. Access to theological training in the developing world is costly and hard to access. Pastors repeatedly tell us how they have wanted training for years, the longest I know of was 47 years! I was in India several weeks ago visiting the pastors we are training there and listening to how they are growing and learning. They are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to receive quality, trustworthy training that enables them to not only know that they are teaching their churches the truth, but that they can defend the truth against other false beliefs.

The training is where we come in. For the last seven years, we have developed a practical, effective 2-year training program that equips pastors and leaders with the tools they need to preach the Gospel and lead their churches well. Each pastoral leader is required to pay roughly $5 a month to ensure that they have some skin in the game. That $5 a month covers the cost of travel and our trainer’s pay. Apart from that cost is the price of books and printed materials. We want the pastoral leaders that we train to have a small pastoral library that they can go back to and reference as they then go and train up others. Most of these pastors have never had any resources other than their Bible. Here is where you come in! We can supply the books to the pastors because of the generosity of people like you! When you give to things like our #wordup campaign, 100% of that donation goes directly to buy the books that we will put in the hands of around 600 pastoral leaders in Central America and South Asia in 2019.

Would you consider being a part of our 2019 #wordup campaign? Together we can make an eternal impact and change the course of churches, communities, and lives for years to come!

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