We continue to meet pastoral leaders with a deep hunger for God’s Word. They show their dedication and passion by persevering through adversity in order to continue their theological education. Let us introduce you to one pastor and share a bit of his story.

Meet Rodolfo. He is 39 years old and has a beautiful wife & daughter.

Eight years ago, Rodolfo and a group from the church were in a severe car accident. Their vehicle overturned and rolled several times until it fell into a ravine. They were rushed to the hospital with several injuries. Out of everyone involved, Rodolfo was the most affected. After several surgeries, his legs were amputated. He lost the ability to walk. He lost his work. Eventually, he lost hope and fell into a deep depression. God worked in his heart, and reminded Rodolfo that God is still in control of his life no matter the circumstances. With his hope set back on Christ, Rodolfo returned to the church with more enthusiasm to serve the Lord. Through one of our trainers, Rodolfo heard about our theological training and without hesitation joined one of the training centers in Guatemala City. Being in a wheelchair has not stopped Rodolfo from continuing to learn more about God’s Word. Now in a customized vehicle, Rodolfo drives almost two hours to the training center. Like many of us, his work as a shoemaker has been impacted by the pandemic. However, Rodolfo makes the physical and financial effort to dive deeper into God’s Word with our trainers and students.

We are encouraged by Rodolfo’s story and we hope you are too. His story is a clear picture of the hunger for God’s Word that we see in the many pastors we train. 

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