“We thank The Lord for this opportunity to teach and equip His servants for His Glory and kingdom. Thank you for your valuable prayers and support.”

Danny Padale, Program Director, India.

Our hearts rejoice in the Lord knowing that He is taking care of His Church throughout the world. We thank God for the group of pastoral leaders in India who are committed to learn and spread the Good News of salvation in a country were only 2.7% of its population know Him. Their faith, discipline, and perseverance bring us much encouragement.

Please join us in celebration as we share these field updates from the Pastoral Training Program in India:

God’s protection of His Church

God is protecting His church from false teachings, rituals and customs. As a result of our teaching, these students have already seen progress in their own lives and congregations. They’ve also seen how God reveals Himself throughout the entirety of the Bible and are no longer searching for Him in other sources.

In local churches, pastors have started to teach the right things knowing that the center of their preaching is the Word of God. Thus, spiritual growth among their congregations has started to flourish. Pastor Murlidhar, currently receiving theological training, expressed, “I feel amazed of how God reveals himself through the Bible.”

Moral Among the Team

Many of these pastoral leaders have expressed how blessed they are to have this theological training. They are forging strong relationships and partaking in healthy fellowship. They are creating a Christ-centered community and are sharing their challenges in life and ministry. They meet before the training to pray for the advancement of God’s kingdom in their communities.

Danny Padale said, “We thank God for the privilege to stand with pastors to lead them in the right way, in the sound doctrine, and helping and encourage them to grow in the Lord Jesus.”

Seeing Program Growth

We are making progress in orienting our leadership to the curriculum and translating it to the local languages. Currently, we are training more than 60 pastoral leaders in three different centers, two in tribal areas (Navapur and Nashik) and one urban area (Ahamednager)

Impact Stories from the field

“I am thankful to God for the opportunity to learn His Word. Before this training, I had few studies about the Scripture and God. I used to read the Bible, but I could not understand anything from it. Through this training, I came to know how God works throughout the Bible. I got deep understanding about God’s progressing work from Genesis to Revelation. It is very helpful to me as well to my church to know God’s mighty work. Teaching this to my church allows them to grow in the Word of God.” -Pastor Sanjay Hari Pawar

“Through this theological training program, I’m increasing my knowledge of who God is. Before, I was willing to serve the Lord, but lacked the necessary knowledge and skills. I was not able to teach in a manner worthy of our Lord. My finances are very scarce, and I’m not able to afford the tuition fees for seminary. I’m very thankful to God that He is providing me the opportunity to receive theological training through Chosen People. I’m also thankful for those who are coming to my area to teach on the mysterious and hidden wisdom of God – Jesus Christ. And now I’m confident in the Lord to preach and teach His word to my church.” -Pastor Kannu