Our Church Partnership ministry is headed up by a team of amazing people who have dedicated their time to growing relationships between the Guatemalan churches and the churches in the USA. They work tirelessly to make Jesus’ prayer in John 17 a reality – that we may be one even as Jesus and the Father are one. The Church Partnership team’s goal is to advance God’s Kingdom on earth by bringing two local churches together to support each other spiritually.

We’re thankful for all we’ve seen God do this year:

  1. Pastors taking the initiative to become better servants to God, church and community.
  2. Pastors are taking full advantage of educational and training sessions provided by the partnership.
  3. We have seen pastors attending to the specific needs of their congregations. Pastor Florentin from Buena Vista has been preaching on marriage and family.
  4. Meeting on a weekly basis with a pastor and his wife to delve into what a biblical marriage looks like. It’s been amazing to see how this new understanding put into practice has transformed their marriage!
  5. We’ve hosted two teams from the USA and ate still gearing up for another three! One will be here in October and two more coming in November. We’re excited to see familiar faces that have decided to dedicate time to building long-lasting relationships with local churches and their communities.

Wales + Buena Vista

Our Wales team will be here the second week in October to celebrate the fulfillment of a 5 year-long partnership with Monte de Santidad church, Buena Vista through Chosen People.

The impact that this partnership has had on both churches is incredible. We have seen Pastor Florentin’s congregation grow and be supported in a sustainable and healthy way that has reached the congregation and surrounding community alike. We’ve also seen Wales church grow in a deeper appreciation of church community during their time partnering with Pastor Florentin.

We ask that you would pray for all the teams and locals that will be involved in this upcoming trip as it will be bittersweet to see the culmination of this partnership. Please also pray for the next steps that Wales church is taking to impact another church and community like Buena Vista.

Monte de Santidad church.